Eid 2023

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EID –UL- FITR , EID – UL –ADHA . Eid refers to a time of joyous celebration, celebrated, by Muslim world wide.

EID –UL – FITR – commemorates at the end of the holy month of Ramadan in which Muslims fast daily from dawn until sunset

EID – UL – ADHA – Feast of sacrifice it falls on the tenth day of DHU – AL – HIJJA and last for four days .

Feast festival is celebrated to enrich ,boost , strengthen , magnify ,brother hood , unity , sacrifice , strong faith & believe in Allah.

To strength & boost up our children about Islamic culture & tradition we celebrate Eid party at our campus so that our children celebrate Eid not only at their homes but also at school to share up and their joy and cherish these beautiful  moments with their friends & teachers.